10 Types of Flowers and their Meanings

Knowing more about the symbolism behind the flowers you choose can help you find the perfect bouquet for any occasion.

Continue reading to learn more about our top-flight flowers and how they are symbolized so you can make an informed purchase.


These ruffly roses are great for romantics on a tight budget. High school students love pink and white carnations for Valentine’s Day because of their sweet sentiment and low prices. They are a symbol of new love and a cheerful bloom.

Stick with white and pink carnations when purchasing them. Mixed or yellow carnations are a sign of disdain.


Because purple is the colour royalty wears, it’s not surprising that these flowers represent faith and hope. Although blue is the most common colour for the Iris flower, they are also available in white and yellow.

The Greek Goddess Iris is Iris’s name. She was believed to have the ability to connect the heavens and the earth and was often depicted as a rainbow. These flowers were placed next to the graves of the dead to aid them in their next lives.

Irises are a wonderful gift to someone you admire. They grow naturally everywhere.


The sweet-smelling flower is often given as a token of love. This scent is soothing and can be used to calm or relieve stress. These flowers are very popular due to their unique appearance and therapeutic properties.

This flower is great to grow in your backyard and garden to enjoy its wonderful aroma.


The symbol of beauty and love, the red rose is a staple in Valentine’s Day celebrations and anniversary celebrations. Roses have been associated with perfection since ancient times. The Ancient Romans and Greeks equated them with Venus and Aphrodite, goddesses representing love and beauty. They can also be expensive, making them even more special.

Red roses are most loved, but there are other rose colours that have different associations. Yellow roses symbolize friendship, while white roses represent innocence. Pink roses are given as an expression of admiration.


These flowers are often associated with spring and Easter because of their simple, layered blooms. They were first used in wedding ceremonies in Turkey and Persia. This idea of perfect love is best associated with the red tulips.

Yellow tulips can be given as gifts to people who are in need of some cheering up. White tulips can be given to ask for forgiveness.


These brightly colored flowers are a reflection of warmth, loyalty and happiness. These bright flowers are oriented towards the sun and get nourishment from its warmth. These flowers make a wonderful gift to brighten someone’s day or show how much you care about them.

Before European exploration began, sunflowers were used as food. They love the sun and can grow all year. Sunflower oil and seeds can still be used in cooking and for skincare. It’s easy to see why they’re still so popular with all their warm associations and the easily identifiable appearance.


These fragrant, white flowers are a symbol of purity and joy. Although they are quite expensive, they make an excellent gift for Christmas Holidays. Because of their pure connotations, they are very popular for wedding celebrations.

With their delicate nature, gardenias are a symbol of elegance and refinement. These flowers can be used as centerpieces in a room to create a stunning appearance and a wonderful aroma.


This exotic flower symbolizes strength, luxury and beauty. The orchid is available in many colors and types, with over 20,000 species. The most popular orchids are pink and purple, but yellow orchards are great gifts for new beginnings.

Beautiful fragrances are produced by orchids. Vanilla extract is made from vanilla orchids. The medicinal properties of the orchid have been known for years. It has been used for centuries to treat ailments like coughing and diseases of lung and kidney.

The bulbs are believed to be a strong natural aphrodisiac. They are often eaten in Greece or China for this reason. The orchid has many sexual connotations.


Daises are often associated with innocence, youth, and purity. These flowers are often given to mothers-to-be. You can also eat daisies, which are often made into tea called daisy tea. This can help with respiratory problems. They can also be used to make oils and lotions that help heal irritated skin or wounds.


Spring is when the lilacs bloom, which often makes them synonymous with Easter. They are associated with renewal and rebirth, which is why they are often associated with Easter. They are also a symbol of confidence and make a wonderful gift for someone starting a new job or graduating.

Their beauty has inspired many artists, from Whitman to Monet. They are used in essential oils and perfumes due to their wonderful fragrance.

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