6 Types of Winter Flowers

Did you know there are approximately 250,000 to 400,000 species of flowering plants around the globe?

That’s right!

Unfortunately, most of these species only flower when there is enough sunlight and warmth. For example, spring is when the stunning cherry blossoms bloom. These stunning flowers make Japan a popular destination for 63,000,000 people each year.

However, winter flowers do exist and they are as beautiful as any other species when they bloom.

Don’t worry if you are thinking of sending winter flowers to loved ones. There are many options available, and we have compiled six for you to choose!


Snowdrops are a great choice for fall and winter because they can grow in cold and moderate winters. The snowdrops’ beautiful, white petals look like huge, downturned drops. They can bloom from December to February in some areas, but they are still available for purchase until February.

They make a beautiful centerpiece for bouquets and can grow to 4 inches tall. They are also used by many gardeners as groundcovers for winter lawns.

The snowdrop flower is a symbol of purity, hope and rebirth. If you are looking to lift someone’s spirits, the snowdrop flower is a wonderful choice.


Pansies are another winter-blooming flower species. They come in a variety of beautiful colors. They don’t just produce winter flowers, but they can continue blooming until spring!

These tiny flowers come in a variety of colors, including white, vivid yellow, red, orange and gold. Many of these tiny flowers come in at least three colors, which makes them even more beautiful.

With its brightly-colored petals and beautiful colors, the pansy flower symbolizes love. They are a symbol of “free-thinking” for many. They are also February’s birth flower.


Many plants, including certain species of lilies , need winter to bloom. These flowers are more robust when exposed to cold temperatures.

These are the reasons why lilies make a great choice for winter flowers. They are also one of the most popular flowers to send abroad in the winter.

Many people think of lilies as being used for funerals. But there are many more uses for these flowers. The genus lilies has over 110 varieties that can be found in the Northern Hemisphere. This beautiful flower also has other meanings, including purity, youth and fertility.


Crocus plants are a sign that warmer days may be near, according to many gardeners. Because the crocus plant is the first to emerge from snow-drenched soils, it’s a great indicator of warmer days. They are also quick to flower once they have poked out their leaves.

Crocus flowers are cup-shaped, with white or purple petals. The bright yellow centers of the crocus flowers are striking contrast to the petals. Before the petals are fully unfurled, the bulbs look like a lightbulb.

The crocus flower is a symbol for cheerfulness because of its resemblance with a lightbulb. This joy comes from the idea of warmer days and a plentiful season.

These beautiful flowers will bring a smile to everyone who sees them. Crocus flowers are also one of the most beautiful winter flowers you can send to your loved ones overseas.


Camellias look very much like roses. These flowers are also known by the names “Japanese rose”, or “Tsubaki”. These flowers are actually originally Chinese, but they were long associated with the union of two lovers.

Camellias are known for their blooms from the beginning of spring through the holidays. They also have a relaxing, pleasant scent.

Camellias can have different meanings depending upon their color. White is a sign of adoration. White camellias are often given as gifts to well-liked people.

The pink camellias are a symbol of longing for someone. Send these rose flowers to someone you are missing and who is abroad. Mixing red camellias with roses can also be a great way to show your love and deep desire for someone.

No matter what message you wish to convey, there is a camellia colour to match. These flowers are found in more than 250 species . It is just a matter deciding which color best represents your feelings towards the person you are sending it to.


Although all types of pansies can be called violas they are not all violas. However, they look very similar. You can tell if you are looking at a violet by observing how many petals point up. If you see two petals pointing upward, and the rest three pointed downward, it’s a violet.

Violas can survive in snow, so they are very popular in winter. They have white, yellow and violet petals. You can find them now in tri-color just like the pansies.

There are many meanings to the viola flower, including innocence, modesty and everlasting love. They can also be used to symbolize faith and remembrance, depending on their color. These flowers are a wonderful choice for sending flowers to someone you care about abroad.

Vivian flowers can be eaten and used in traditional medicines. These flowers are used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat headaches, migraines, and coughs. These flowers can even be used to treat epilepsy in children.

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