7 tips for sending Large Flower Arrangements

Many of us are thinking about flower delivery this Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Although sending flowers is a wonderful gesture, sometimes three roses won’t be enough. A larger bouquet is better than a simple gesture.

Although large arrangements of flowers can make a great gift, it is more difficult logistically. Here are some tips to help you send large arrangements of flowers in the right way.


Ordering long-lasting flowers is a great rule of thumb for sending flowers. You want flowers that will last the shipping process and be beautiful and fresh when they arrive. You want the recipient to be able to enjoy their flowers for many days or even weeks.

Roses are a popular flower delivery option, aside from their symbolic meaning. This is because they last. Also, lilies, carnations and Delphiniums are all good choices that open slowly. Also, you can choose sunflowers and alstroemerias. These are sometimes known as the Peruvian lily (or lily of Peru)


A large bouquet of sunflowers may sound like a lovely gesture, but it can prove problematic for someone suffering from allergies. High pollen counts can cause allergies in people with allergies to flowers like sunflowers, jasmine, dusty miller, and lilies. If a flower attracts bees, it is a no-go.

You can also choose roses, carnations or irises as a gift. These flowers are less pollen-laden and make a great gift for someone who has allergies. Consider sending them a non-flowering gift such as a potted plant, or something similar, if they have severe allergies.


It’s important to order large bouquets well in advance if you want them to arrive on time. Your florist should have enough time to order more flowers, so they are fresh on the day of delivery. You will have plenty of time to plan any shipping logistics.

You should give your florist more notice if you plan to have a large bouquet of blooms delivered on holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. It wouldn’t hurt to give your florist a few week’s notices so they can schedule their deliveries. It’s unlikely that you will be able to call on Valentine’s Day to request three dozen roses.


It is a controversial issue to tip flower delivery drivers, as it can appear that the recipient is paying for the gift. Tipping is not necessary for smaller deliveries. If you are sending large arrangements of flowers, tipping is a good idea.

You should be able to arrange for a tip when you order flowers. Let the recipient, or someone you know, know that you have handled the tip to avoid tipping twice. For large arrangements, tipping should be between $5 and 10.


You should check the delivery method when you order flowers. You don’t want a delivery person with a gorgeous arrangement only to have the flowers arrive in a box or vice versa. It is important to know all details so that everything runs smoothly.

Ask for details on the delivery method of your flowers when you place an order. You should check with the shipping company that your flowers will be shipped to and if you’ll receive tracking and delivery information. If there are any special access codes or delivery instructions that they need, let the service know.


When arranging your flower delivery, it is important to consider the timing. A large bouquet is wonderful, but not if it appears in the middle or end of your sales pitch to a serious client. Flowers at work may not be appropriate in all cases. Or the recipient might be just out for lunch.

Consider what the recipient will do when you deliver your flowers and whether or not they will be pleased to receive your bouquet. Think about if they will be able to stop doing other things, accept the delivery and then go to find somewhere to place the flowers. You might consider arranging for flowers to be delivered at another time or location.


Another thing to consider when ordering flowers for work is how the recipient will get them home. Although large bouquets are beautiful, they can be cumbersome. The recipient of the arrangement may not be able to get them home if they use public transport or have a small car.

Consider having the flowers delivered to the recipient’s home if transporting them is a problem. If they don’t have the space, arrange for them to be kept at work or help them get home.

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