9 Most Popular Flowers Around the World

Flowers make a wonderful gift and can have so many meanings. This guide will help you choose the best flowers to gift someone.

We are here to help you understand the significance and symbolism of flowers so you can make the right choice when buying flowers.


With its vivid purple colour, this beautiful flower makes a wonderful gift for spring. This flower symbolizes admiration and is a wonderful gift for a new partner. The symbolism of lilacs can be traced back to Greek Mythology.

Syringa is the botanical name for the flower. It derives its name from the name Syringa of an Ancient Greek myth nymph. The story tells how a beautiful nymph transforms into an amazing flower to hide from her suitors. It is no surprise that the lilac is still a symbol of early love.


The unique flower is a beautiful gift as it can be given alone. This flower is available in many colors and each one has a different meaning. The orchid is a symbol of strength, luxury and beauty.

This gift is great for strong women in your life. Orchids were believed to be fertility-enhancing in ancient Greece. This makes them a wonderful gift for pregnant mothers.

There are over 25,000 species of orchids. This makes them fascinating and intriguing.


This tiny flower has a lot to offer. These bell-shaped flowers are found in large clusters and emit a strong, clean smell. The legend about St. George refers to the flower and says it arose from St. George’s blood during battle.

In the Bible, the flower is also mentioned. These flowers were said to have sprouted from Mary’s tears after Jesus’ crucifixion. They are often called “Mary’s Tears” or “Our Lady’s Tears”.

These flowers make great gifts for springtime, and they are also a thoughtful gift for those who are grieving.


These beautiful white flowers are borne from trees or shrubs. They have a lemony fragrance. Pierre Magnolia (17th-century botanist) was the one who gave this flower its name.

Flowers are a symbol of perseverance and make a wonderful gift for someone who is grieving, or is going through difficult times. Because of its purity, the white flower is often used in bridal bouquets and weddings.


Most red roses are gifted to indicate love and romance. The delicate and beautiful red rose is beautifully scented. It comes in many different colors and has different meanings. A yellow rose is a symbol of friendship, and makes a wonderful gift for a new friend.

The rose was an emblem of Adonis, the god rebirth, in Greek Mythology. Because they represent the Lancasters and Yorks, two of the most powerful families in the state, the rose is England’s national flower. The War of the Roses was named in 1455 after the war between the two families.

Roses can be used in lotions and perfumes, and they also have medicinal properties.


The Greek goddess Iris, who was the messenger and protector of love, is the iris’s name. It makes a wonderful gift for newlyweds. The name iris is a rainbow and reflects the beautiful blue flowers that bleed into yellow. Although the most popular color is blue iris, there are many other shades.

This flower symbolizes eloquence and makes a wonderful gift for someone in your life.


The trumpet-shaped shape of this flower makes it unique and attractive. It is named after a river god from Greek Mythology. These yellow flowers are a spring bloomer and can be found in large clusters. These flowers are a symbol of friendship and make great gifts for friends’ birthdays or just because.

The association of springtime with the flower makes it an ideal gift for anyone who is expecting or in a new relationship.


They are well-known for their full blooms, which are layered with beauty. The Dahlia, named after Anders Dah, is Mexico’s national flower. It is found in Central America, Colombia, Mexico, and Mexico.

The flower was used in Victorian times to indicate readiness for commitment. It is a wonderful gift to show your gratitude and dignity. Because of its striking, full bloom, it makes a wonderful addition to any bouquet.


Jasmine flowers are small and delicate. They grow in clusters. They have a wonderful scent for such a small plant. This flower is Indonesia’s national flower, but it is very popular all over the world.

This sweet fragrance is best released at night, particularly during full moons. The sweet scent of this flower makes a wonderful gift for someone special in your life. The flower can be given to someone who is in need of luck.


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