Bringing Gardens Indoors

Gardening is for more than just your backyard or front lawn. It is the perfect way to add life and beauty to your interior or exterior home décor. One of the best ways to highlight your windows is with brightly colored flowers and greenery. For those of you who aren’t proud enough of your windows to put them on display – consider replacements! Old windows begin to peel, crack, change shape, and get foggy panes. Newer technology from a top notch replacement window company, like Renewal by Andersen, can go a long way in style and function.

Incorporating Gardening With Your Windows

  • Vase – sometimes simplicity is beautiful. Placing a simple flower vase in the window can be enjoyed from both the indoors and close-up outdoor viewing. The effect is similar
    to placing a lit candle in your window during the night.
  • Multiple Vases – You could also place lines or varieties of small plants in your window sill. The benefit of working with plants is that you can add as many colors as you like without getting that tacky effect. No matter what you do, you are working with natural materials.
  • Holiday Arrangements – You may also consider implementing holiday-themed flower arrangements during different times of the year. For instance, poinsettias combined with greenery make for a Christmas and wintery atmosphere. Bright orange daylilies and black orchids are appropriate for Halloween, and burn orange colored roses are great for Thanksgiving and the later fall.
  • Box Garden – If you are feeling up for a project, try building (or ordering) a box garden. Drilling a box made of ¾ inch thick wooden
    boards to your exterior wall can create a vibrant garden display. An easier variation is to line a wooden crate with plastic, fill with rocks and soil and add plants.
  • Floating Plants – Not a fan of dirt? Floating plant displays are another neat way to incorporate bright colors in a peaceful atmosphere. Simply use a bowl of water; and add water hyacinths, parrot’s feather, or other floating plants to the surface. Make sure you are regularly adding water to keep a consistently full bowl.

Each of these methods are great ways to vamp up your home’s design. Whether you decide to add an interior or exterior plant display, websites are swarming with themed ideas to match your taste.

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