How to Dry and Preserve Flowers?

When preserving dried flowers, you’re ensuring that your dried flowers last as long as they can. While dried flowers are able to be enjoyed longer than fresh ones, dried flowers still run the risk of fading or crumbling over time.

Preservation methods, like dipping them in wax, framing them, drying them in resin and more give your dried flowers even more of a new lease on life. After your flowers have been preserved, you can use them as decor, jewelry or statement pieces in your home to serve as living memories.

Not sure what to do with your You have several options to dry or preserve your flowers, whether it’s a bridal bouquet or a necessary arrangement from a loved one.

Perhaps you are wondering where to begin or how to dry flowers. You’ll have a unique symbol that reflects a special memory, no matter how you dry them or preserve them. For more information on drying and conserving flowers, see our step-by-steps guides.

How do you dry flowers?

Drying flowers is an excellent way to save flowers, especially if you want a romantic and quaint look. Dry flowers can be used to decorate a room, as a centrepiece at a table or as a reminder of a special occasion.

Here are some tips to help you make drying your flowers as easy as possible.

  • It is best to dry bouquets and strong flowers like roses or smaller, more endless varieties such as lavender.
  • The microwave drying technique greatly preserves flowers’ colour and structure like individual gerbera daisies, chrysanthemums, roses, and tulips.
  • Alternate preservation methods for delicate flowers, such as framing or pressing, are available.
  • Don’t delay drying your flowers mature flowers will lose their petals during drying.

Let’s start by defining the basics of air drying flowers. Remember that flowers dried in extreme heat or sunlight can quickly fade, so keep them in cool places and out of direct sunlight.

How do you air dry flowers?

The traditional method of drying flowers by air is the best, but it takes longer. This allows nature to dry the flowers over time. You can then relax, wait, and enjoy the final result.

This method works best for bouquets or larger floral arrangements and bigger flowers such as sunflowers.

These are the steps for drying flowers.

  1. Cut stems to the desired length. You can help flowers retain their colour by removing them from the sun as soon as possible.
  2. You can either hang the flowers one-by-one or all together with rubber-band stems to hang a bouquet.
  3. You will need to find a dark area that is dry and has good circulation. Secure the bottom of the stems to a hanger using unflavored dental floss.
  4. Allow flowers to dry for up to two weeks.
  5. Spray unscented hairspray on flowers to protect them from the elements.

Drying Flowers in a Microwave

You can dry flowers quickly using a device you use almost every day; if you don’t want to wait for air drying. You can buy silica gel in craft shops to dry flowers in the microwave. You can reuse the gel over and over to preserve the shape of the flowers.


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