The Flower Garden Florist

If you are one of those people who like to get out in their yard and dig, then planting a flower or vegetable garden is an ideal task for you. Flower and vegetable garden supplies are plentiful in all area hardware stores and nurseries. Even Wal-Mart and K-Mart carry flower and vegetable garden supplies, as well as many on-line stores. Most of these supplies are more readily available seasonally than year round, but you can begin planning your project in the winter for a lovely spring garden.

Some of the larger flower and vegetable garden seed suppliers have their own websites with lots of great how-to information, so you could quite possibly do all of your planning from one website. But generally it is always a good idea to look at several different flower and vegetable garden seed suppliers and purchase the products that they are famous for. For example, Jackson and Perkins who are famous for their beautiful roses may not necessarily have the best in vegetable seeds. Burpee would be a wiser choice in purchasing your vegetable seeds. However, the planning beds for your roses should be dictated from Jackson and Perkins because that is their business. So researching your flower and vegetable garden supplies before you start digging is the smart thing to do.

Dont Forget Pests

When you are purchasing your flower and vegetable garden supplies do not forget about fertilizers and insect repellants. There is nothing worse than starting your garden, watching it grow and then have it be eaten by some ugly looking critter. Sometimes fertilizers will have natural insect repellents in them, but unless you do your research you might find this useful information out too late. Organic gardening is always a fun task to tackle. There are thousands of organic flower and vegetable garden supplies on the market today and there are several different ways to make your own natural fertilizers and insect repellents. Starting your own garden is a fun experience and should include your children.

Along with bad pests, there are also good pests and involving your children in studying these critters is a family bonding experience. Watching your children run around your garden catching insects and then trying to identify them as good or bad insects is an unusual, but fun activity. Not only will your children learn about nature, but when they become adults they will have the skills to make their own garden. Flower and vegetable garden supplies are very abundant and if you have a place in your yard to build a small one, then set to the task and you will not be disappointed. These types of plants need the proper environment to thrive, and taking the time to choose these plants correctly will reward you with plenty of color and beauty for years to come.

Growing Flowers From Seeds

Flower gardening in containers requires additional vigilance and care on your part when it comes to keeping your plants watered and fed. Your wild flower garden requires water if the flowers are to germinate and so you must water them quite frequently. Other good perennial flower garden ideas are the Periwinkle and Lilly of the Valley. Your flowers and plants may need additional watering at times, especially when you are trying to establish them at the beginning. If you live in a particularly dry climate, check the soil often. Once your soil is weed free, you are ready to begin your wild flower garden design.

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