Unique Bridesmaid Flowers and Design Trends for Every Season

Whether you are having a winter or spring wedding, your bridesmaid bouquets will play a major role in the day. Many options are available to enhance your wedding day, from flower crowns to succulents.

Spring Flower Bouquets

There are so many beautiful flowers in spring that you can choose from to create the perfect arrangement for your event. Below are some of our favourite arrangements!

Flower crowns

Who said that bridesmaids needed to keep their flowers in place? A great way to add a unique twist to your spring wedding is having your ladies wear a beautiful flower crown. This is a great way to get into spring!

You can also find other flower crown suggestions here:

  • Baby’s breath
  • Eucalyptus
  • Daisies

The Bride is the best imitation

Matching bouquets can be a great way to keep your wedding elegant and simple. This looks great in photos, but it also allows you to keep the theme of your wedding consistent and lets you have fun choosing flowers.

There are many great options:

  • Roses
  • Peonies
  • Dahlias

Tie in Ribbons

Want to add something special to your bouquets? Ribbons are a great way to make your wedding stand out. They will be admired by all who see them. They will also help you set yourself apart from other weddings. Choose ribbons that match the flowers and let them flutter in the wind before the ceremony.

These flower varieties can be adorned with ribbons:

  • Hydrangeas
  • Roses
  • Sunflowers

All About Orchids

You can’t go wrong with traditional roses. Instead, try orchids. These elegant and delicate flowers are a lovely homage to spring. They will be stunning in the hands of your bridesmaids. You can choose flowers that match well with the soft purple orchids or a pink or white variety.

Some other suggestions are:

  • Purple anemone
  • Ranunculus
  • Dahlias

Summer Flower Bouquets

Brighten up your summer love with bright flowers and greenery in your bridesmaid’s bouquets. Learn more about spicing up your arrangements using unique plants such as wildflowers and succulents.


These unique plants can be used in summer bouquets or paired with other flower arrangements. To complement the cool green hues of succulents, you might consider adding orange or red shades.

You might consider incorporating:

  • Peonies
  • White Roses
  • Dahlias


Incorporate tropical plants to bring paradise to your wedding celebration. Your bridesmaid bouquets should include large, bold flowers or lush leaves, giving your guests the feeling of being on an island.

We recommend adding:

  • Monstera leaves
  • Birds of paradise
  • Hibiscus flowers


A beautiful arrangement of wildflowers can add magic to the bouquets of your bridesmaids. These are not your usual bouquets. Wildflowers come in a variety of arrangements and are not the typical flowers. These beautiful bouquets are perfect for country, garden and bohemian weddings.

These are some of our favourite wildflower varieties:

  • Poppies
  • Daisies
  • Bellflowers

Boldness is a virtue

Summer weddings are a great opportunity to go all out with bold and bright colours. Your bridesmaid bouquets are sure to stand out with bright colours such as orange, red, or purple. This is a great way to celebrate summer, and it will make your wedding photos stand out!

These bold blooms will add colour to your wedding:

  • Peonies
  • Violets
  • Sunflowers

Opt for yellow and gold hues

Bright yellow flowers bring sunshine to your wedding. You can celebrate with stunning shades of yellow flowers that perfectly capture the joy and happiness that you feel on your wedding day.

There are hundreds of options to choose from. We’ve selected our top picks below.

  • Sunflowers
  • Dahlias
  • Marigolds


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