You can do a lot of landscaping projects with your kids

It is unfair for grandma, grandpa, and mom to have all the fun of backyard landscaping projects. Kids can also enjoy it! Working with children to improve their backyard spaces will give them a sense of ownership. There are many things you can do together. These projects can be for all ages. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

Make a Backyard Sanctuary for Animals

The backyard is not just for the family dog. Your home is a great place for wildlife such as birds, butterflies, and deer. You can invite them to your home with a sanctuary just for them.

Do you want to see birds? Food and drink are the tickets to their party in your backyard! Installing a birdbath is a good idea as birds can sometimes find freshwater. The special ones are available at garden centres and home improvement shops. If you feel creative, you can make your own. To give birds traction, choose a shallow bath with a rough bottom. Next, work with your children on finding the ideal spot for feathery guests. Ideally, it should be near a tree that has low hanging branches. Also, the window should allow indoor admiring during the day. Next, choose the food for the party. There are many foods that bird guests may like at different times of the year. Some birds are picky and will prefer certain foods. Some birds will be happy to eat from the simple sunflower seeds scattered on the ground. Others prefer higher perches. After the party food and drink have been served, your children and you can track who visits. Keep track of all the birds that visit your home.

What about butterflies? They are beautiful and also help pollinate other flowers. Your children can help you plant a variety of flower colours in your garden. Choose reds, oranges and pinks and only plant flowers native to your area. You can ask your local landscape professional for the best recommendations. Plant in the sunniest areas of your yard, as butterflies love to eat in the sun. What number of butterflies have you seen in a single day?

Maybe your children are passionate about deer. Many families keep deer away from their gardens, but some people welcome the beautiful animals into their homes. You can lure deer into your yard with some of their favourite plants, such as petunias and sunflowers.

Tire swing

A tire swing is a great way to make many childhood memories. Ask your child to help you find the “perfect” tree. It must be strong and large. Hardwood trees are the best. Find a strong, healthy limb. To allow drainage, get a new or clean tire. Show your child how to drill holes in the bottom of the swing. You will need a rope strong enough to allow the swing to rise 12-18 inches from the ground. Tie it so it can swing at least three feet above the tree’s trunk. As the tire is attached to the rope, your Scout son or daughter’s knot-tying skills will be very useful. Mom or dad should test the tire after it is hung. This will ensure that it is safe for younger family members.

Make a Fire Pit

Evenings spent outside in front of a firepit will be enjoyed by teens and young children. After just a few hours spent creating a basic fire pit, there will be singing, storytelling, and s’mores. Let the fun begin! Your children can help you find and lay paving stones in a level area of your yard. The stones should be placed in a circular pattern at least 3 feet in diameter by at least 15 inches in height. Add several inches of sand to the bottom. Voila.

This is just a small sample of the many outdoor adventures that your yard has to offer. You can create a perfect outdoor reading area, planter boxes to grow herbs or flowers, or make personalized stepping stones. Enjoy creating outdoor spaces that are as enjoyable as the play.


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