You can send flowers with a variety of payment methods

Sometimes words cannot express what you feel. When it comes to showing someone how you feel about them, words spoken over the phone or sent via social media platforms may not suffice.

We ensure that your passions, words, and feelings are translated into beautiful, elegant, and stunning flowers.

You don’t have to say much to your partner with us. You have to send them a bouquet full of fresh, high-quality flowers.

You can send flowers to someone special with Paypal. Flowers are a great gift for any occasion that deserves celebration.

You can also send flowers to them because you love them and miss them. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Online ordering of bouquets such as Roses and Gerberas can be done using eWallets and Card Payments. These flowers can then be sent to loved ones anywhere in the world.

You can rest assured that your bouquet will reach its intended destination with the help of florists who are skilled, competent, and able to work in over 30 countries on every continent.

Payments made easy

Nothing is more relaxing than sitting back on your couch and looking at different flowers before placing an order online.

You can be certain that the bouquet you order online will arrive at your recipient’s home.

You can also make payment for your order(s) in many different ways while on the abcFlora official website.

It is simple to place an order. You need to complete a form that includes details about your order and the Name, address, and Phone Numbers of the recipients of your floral gift.

The site then takes you to a secure payment portal. It is protected with high-tech firewalls so that you can pay your bills without fear.

Send flowers via PayPal

You can send flowers to PayPal and pay for your order.

PayPal is an established and trusted eWallet payment system that has been around for over two decades.

You can make payment for your bouquets if you have a PayPal account. If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, you can sign up by selecting this payment option from our platform.

Send flowers with card payments

You can place your order by using either credit or debit cards. Send flowers with credit cards American Express, Discover and Maestro cards are accepted.

When you make payments using your debit or credit card on our website, hackers will not be able to intercept your private and financial information.

Our payment processor ensures that all data is secure, confidential, and safe. We use advanced encryption technology and firewall technology to protect your data.

Send flowers with credit cards without worrying about anything.

Send flowers with cryptocurrencies

Payment in various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin and LiteCoin. Send flowers today with bitcoin without any hassles.

The payment portal allows you to transfer digital currency equivalents for order placements easily.

You can use our payment platform in the same way as card payments or eWallets to make secure, fast, and private transactions. Coinbase is our payment gateway for Bitcoin and another crypto.

What Should You Know?


abcFlora can also accept payment in many currencies for order placements. We currently accept payment in five (5) currencies: Euros, US dollars, Canadian Dollars, and British Pounds sterling.

You can pay in any currency, whether you send flowers via PayPal or send flowers using credit cards.

Delivery Fee

Please note that the prices displayed on our website do not include delivery charges.

Before you pay for your flower choice, we include the delivery fee in the checkout process. The delivery cost will be highlighted in a breakdown of the product’s price.

This rate is subject to the delivery date and time of your bouquet. The delivery cost usually ranges from USD12.95 to USD16.95.


If your order cannot fulfil due to national or local holidays, you are entitled to a full refund. If you are not satisfied with the quality of flowers delivered to your recipients, you have two (2) days to file a claim via “WhatsApp” or our “Contact Us” page for a full refund. You can claim a refund for a lost or late delivery within seven (7) business days.

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